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Absolute Beginners - League
23 October at 1930
LX4 Westhill National

30 October at 1930
FBM Rockingham Lake

06 November at 1930
FOX Fern Bay Club
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19 Oct : 19:06
Small update in the schedule concerning next race: the amount of laps has changed from 35 to 25 so we will have a race of approximately 45 minutes.

17 Oct : 22:18
@ABR Team I had some connection problems again, so was unable to race in the second CL race. Sorry

16 Oct : 21:48
Small Track Cup races 10, 11, and 12 posted in great replay topic

16 Oct : 21:25
Small-Track-Cup stats updated at:

15 Oct : 12:41
I thought if you were top of the class table, you'd get first place points. E.g. In season 15 of S2L, I got 40 points in the main table but 188 in the class 3 table.

Welcome to the Absolute beginners Website
We are a bunch of fanatical racers, in the online racesimulator Live For Speed. At the moment the starting grids in our leagues are getting bigger and bigger, but if you like to compete with others in serious league races, signup at our site and start racing with us!
At the moment we have S2 Leagues with 3 different classes which take place on sunday evening. We also have one hour endurance Le Mans league races. Also, we regularly have nice one-off clubevenings with specials like Oval or rallye races or the famous Blackwood-Classics.
If you know any other serious racers, please show them this site.
The AB-League Crew

Always use same name.
Please always use the same racername in every race. This is to prevent the scores being messed up, while we calculate them with the Program LFSpoints.
Thank you!!
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Race 8 UFR Fern Bay Black
Mondbrot, Monday 03 October 2016 - 12:04:04 // comment: 2

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Race 7 MRT Rockingham National
Mondbrot, Monday 26 September 2016 - 03:15:46 // comment: 3

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Race 6 - XRG Westhill National reversed
Mondbrot, Monday 12 September 2016 - 09:41:33 // comment: 4

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Race 4/5
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Race 4 LX6 - Aston Grand Prix reversed
Podium: Mazdaratie - LRK-Racer - Amir(PUNCH)

Race 5 FBM Blackwood GP reversed
Podium: LRK-Racer - DataFi - Mazdaratie

Kyoto Drift
Mondbrot, Monday 01 August 2016 - 07:56:43 // comment: 4

Race Impressions:

The third race of the AB S3 league took place at Kyoto National reversed with the FZR.


1. Mazdarati
2. Camoradi
3. LRK-Racer

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