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Absolute Beginners - League
24 September at 1930
ABC-Cup Fern Bay Club reversed

01 October at 1930
RAC/FZ5 South City Long

08 October at 1930
FBM Rockingham Historic

15 October at 1930
ABC-Cup South City Long

22 October at 1930
MRT Fern Bay Gold
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22 Sep : 15:34
Because of a test for a new Lapper module, I have swtiched off the regular Lapper until tomorrow (23-09 , 12:00 CEST)

18 Sep : 14:29
oh thanks. i will look at it later. seems there is already an update for mpres,

18 Sep : 09:33
hm, mpres still thinks BL2 is rallycross, only 2 sectors shown as a consequence

17 Sep : 21:23
stats GTR @ Blackwood:

quali -

race -

17 Sep : 21:10
S3 race 2 posted in great replay topic.

Fern Bay Green - Top drivers DNF!
youliftyoulose, Monday 24 October 2011 - 09:01:04 // comment: 3

The second race of season 11 at Fern Bay Green should have had less casualties than the previous race being a road course rather than a street course.
It did have a high speed chicane and a tricky last turn that could easily claim the unsuspecting driver.

DriversEdStevie and Xnyle are going to try to drift through the chicane.

Daniel driving backwards and watching the field go by. Who left those tires in the middle of the track?

Efexas taking the last turn on two wheels. You think he has damage now.

Black going airborne through the chicane. Not many can do that and survive.

RevitupMX5 decides to continue with only minor damage.

DriverEdStevie says his left side was undamaged.

Mazdarati and Stankus have a phote finish!

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