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Absolute Beginners - League
24 September at 1930
ABC-Cup Fern Bay Club reversed

01 October at 1930
RAC/FZ5 South City Long

08 October at 1930
FBM Rockingham Historic

15 October at 1930
ABC-Cup South City Long

22 October at 1930
MRT Fern Bay Gold
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22 Sep : 15:34
Because of a test for a new Lapper module, I have swtiched off the regular Lapper until tomorrow (23-09 , 12:00 CEST)

18 Sep : 14:29
oh thanks. i will look at it later. seems there is already an update for mpres,

18 Sep : 09:33
hm, mpres still thinks BL2 is rallycross, only 2 sectors shown as a consequence

17 Sep : 21:23
stats GTR @ Blackwood:

quali -

race -

17 Sep : 21:10
S3 race 2 posted in great replay topic.

Racing Rules Racing Rules
(last update 19-09-2016, updated points for fastest lap)

This set of rules is always in effect. For some series different rules may be issued, but this will be expressed clearly at the time.

Used version Live For Speed
LFS S2 0.6M (see LFS main menu).
Update to the new version when it comes out.
The League uses the newest official version of LFS (this excludes test patches).

Starting Time of the Races
The starting time of the races can be found at the right side of the website under "Forthcoming events".

Be on Time
Log on to the server early enough so that we can start on time. When you are late and miss the qualification (or a part of it) and/or the start of the race, you will start with a disadvantage. It is possible to start in a race that is already running.

Server Names[S2L][FOR][END][MID]
The servers are password protected. A few days before the race you can find the passwords and server names at our site when logged on to the website. The passwords will change every week.

Qualification: 20 minutes
Race: +/- 45 minutes. Number of laps depends on the track.
Every race starts with a standing start.

Pit Stops
All cars in the "fast lane" of the pit lane have right of way over cars exiting the pit box or garage. Heading in the wrong direction of the pit lane is strictly prohibited. If you miss the last pit box you are not allowed to turn around or drive in reverse. Instead you must exit the pit lane and return another lap.

Pit Stop Windows
In the races there can be pit stop windows. During this window you must make a pit stop. If you don't serve this pit stop you will get a stop and go penalty which must be completed the next lap. If you do not serve the "Stop and Go" penalty the first lap you will be black flagged (disqualification). Before the start of the race there will be a message with the pit stop window. Also you can see if the pits are open for your pit stop window / pit stop at the special pit board from LFSlapper and how many stops you still have to make. You always are allowed to make more pit stops of course.
If the Lapper-pit stop system is malfunctioning, it does not mean that there is no pit window. Please always watch the announcements made before the race about the pit window(s). The pit window can be seen with the !pitwindow command.

Pit stop Windows and Reversed Tracks
On reversed track layouts the start / finish line is at the pit lane entry line. Take this into account when serving the mandatory pit stop!

When overtaking another car you must achieve any measure of overlap with the car you are overtaking in order to have the right to racing room. "Any measure of overlap" is defined as the front nose area (wing / bumper) being level with or beyond the rear wheel of the car to overtake. To have rights to "racing room" the overlap must be achieved at the normal turn in point of a corner.
During the race you are allowed only one move in order to hold someone behind you. You can change line one time and after that you have to wait and see if that was enough.

Scoring System
This is our scoring system:

1. 40 points
2. 34
3. 32
4. 30
5. 28
6. 26
7. 24
8. 23
9. 22
10. 21
11. 20
12. 19
13. 18
14. 17
15. 16
16. 15
17. 14
18. 13
19. 12
20. 11
21. 10
22. 9
23. 8
24. 7
25. 6
26. 5
27. 4
28. 3
29. 2
30. 1

2 points extra for the fastest lap (in case 2 or more drivers set the same fastest lap the 2 points will be awarded to the driver who achieved that laptime first).

The race results in LFS are the official results, unless someone has been disqualified. To score points you have to drive at least 50% of the race and you must finish the race. If you are not listed on the LFS score sheet then you score no points. The results on the website will be updated as soon as possible after a race.

If you have questions about the points (wrong points for example) you can send a pm to Daniel (website username youliftyoulose).

A championship season can be different in length. You can find the schedules at our forum. We have an individual championship and a team championship. The team results are the combined scores of the drivers of a team. If drivers or teams have the same score, then the driver or team with the most wins, 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th places and so on will get a higher standing in the league and, for example, become champion.

Championship in a Championship
Additionally to the general ranking there is a GP1, GP2 and GP3 ranking. We hope this makes it even more interesting to race with us. The overall standings after a season determines the rank you will be in in the next season. Also if the BoT thinks you belong in a higher or lower class, you will be put in that class.

Rookie Championship
At Absolute-beginners we also have a rookie championship. Every racer who enters a championship in the middle of a season, (a new racer or member) will have the sign /4 behind his name. He will participate in the overall standings but also in the Rookie league, where the average score for your results will count in the Rookie championships. After your first season as a rookie, your results in the overall standings and in the rookie league will decide what class you will be in next season.

Racer Name
To see in the race which driver belongs to what ranking it is mandatory to put /1, /2, /3 or /4 behind your racer name. This way it is easy to see who belongs to what ranking. It is not allowed to change class during a season. Always using the exact same racer name every race. This way it is easier to calculate the points with LFSpoints and to prevent double names in the standings of a championship.

Teams can have a maximum of 2 drivers. The team results are the combined scores of the drivers of a team.

Medal System
We have a medal system where you can see some achievements of our drivers. The following medals can be won:

Gold medal : for winning a race.
Silver medal : for second place in a race.
Bronze medal : for third place in a race.
Super Gold medal : for winning a championship.
Super Silver medal : for second place in a championship.
Super Bronze medal : for third place in a championship.

Full Race Server
Sometimes it can be that the race server were the race is being held is full. When this is the case the qualification will determine how the grid will be split. Depending on the amount of entrances the qualification can be extended or split into 2 parts. This decision will be at the sole discretion of the admins.

The second half of the grid will be asked to move to another server. The password for this server is the usual weekdays pass unless stated differently. The pit window will be exactly the same on both servers. To have an overall result after the races the results of the two separate races will be combined to ONE new result. This result depends on the total time each driver needs to complete the whole racing distance.

Always respect blue or yellow flags. If you get a blue flag, this means a faster driver will lap you. Please let this faster driver pass you swiftly and without any hindrance. The lapped driver must not make any sudden line changes which conflicts with the nature of the track. In corners, you don't have to leave your driving line, but let lapping car pass as soon as you can at a straight section of the track.
If you get a yellow flag some kind of accident has occurred in front of you. If it is necessary, lift your foot from the throttle to avoid even more accidents. Passing another car under yellow flag conditions is prohibited. Position changes under yellow flag conditions may be protested and can be penalized. If you pass someone while under a yellow flag by accident, please be sporty and give him his position back.

If you crash your car or if you get stuck in the sand you may reset to pits (shift P) and restart your race from the pits. However, you will lose all of you previously driven laps and so you will begin with ZERO laps. It is up to you to decide, if you try to reach the 50% of laps you need to score points or if you retire the race.
A spinning car must hold it’s brakes as much as possible in an effort to keep the car in the same general area of the track. A stationary car is easier to avoid than a moving car. A driver returning to the track must do this in a safe as possible manner at all times. A driver who ignores yellow flags while arriving upon an incident scene, and hits a car behaving properly while in or recovering from an incident, is at fault.

Help After Crash/Incident
If a car is unable to drive (damage, on it’s roof, out of fuel) it is not allowed to push or bump this car onto it's wheels again or over the finish line. Pushing and bumping is forbidden and will results in a disqualification for both drivers involved.

First Lap(s) Incidents
To avoid heavily crashing in the first corner and also the first lap(s) of a race, the BoT will always review the laps that were started within the first 2 minutes of a race. For example, when the 2nd lap of the race starts at race time 1.55 also this lap will be reviewed. It isn't necessary to file a complaint about an incident in the first lap(s).

Wrong Grids
Please be sure that you are on track (not spectate) when the race starts otherwise you may end up at the back of the grid. The start of the race will always be announced by the admin. However, if for some reason (bug or admin error etc.) the grid is wrong and you are at the wrong place, you can use the command !panic to display a message at the screen telling that the grid is wrong. When the 1st place driver has driven 3 laps, then this command is no longer available. Misuse of this command (for example a bad start or a crash) will be penalized by the BoT.

Board of Trusties
At Absolute-beginners we have a special board of trusties. The Board of Trusties consists of a few experienced drivers. After each race, you have the whole next day to complain about some accident or something else that happened during the race. You can file for a complaint by sending a PM to one of the admins by stating the lap in which this happened and what happened. The Board of Trusties will then decide via a poll about penalties. These penalties usually are deduction of points. In some cases a pit lane start for next race can be handed out. If one of the BoT members is involved in an incident he will not take part in the decision making of that incident.

Although the BoT will not actively search for incidents it has the rights to investigate any incident, reported or not. Investigations will always be posted in the public forum.

Possible Penalties
1. - racing incident - no penalty.
2. - warning - no deduction.
3. - mild infraction - 5p.
4. - reckless driving - 15p.
5. - very serious infraction - 30p deduction + possible other restrictions.
6. - pitlane start.

A driver that received 3 warnings in a season will get a 5 points deduction. Warnings will be registered per league (e.g. S2 League, Formula League, Le Mans League) in the Race incidents / complaints section of the forum. At the end of each season all warnings will be set to zero.

Oval Racing Rules
For oval races there are some rules that differ from the normal road track rules:

Single Car Qualification
First driver goes out on the track, second driver has to wait at the end of the pit lane.
First driver does 2 laps (outlap, hotlap).
As soon as the first driver starts his hotlap, the second driver starts his outlap and the next driver goes to the end of the pit lane.
Right after your hotlap you hit SHIFT+S or SHIFT+P.
The names will be announced by an admin.

When a player obstructs another player during his out and/or hotlap he/she will be penalized without a warning.

Start Procedure
The start will be a rolling start behind the safety car.
As soon as the lights go green the whole field starts driving at a slow pace and with all drivers behind each other.
The safety car will go to the front of the field as soon as possible.
The first full lap is behind the safety car at a speed of around 150-180 km/h (depending on car).
On the second lap the safety car will switch off the lights and "SC in this lap" will be displayed on the Pit board or as a chat message and as a yellow race control message.
The safety car will go into the pit lane at the beginning of the last straight of the circuit and from that point the pole sitter decides the pace of the field.
Overtaking, or driving side by side, is not allowed until the finish line is crossed.

During the race it is not allowed to bump draft.

Safety Car Procedure
During the race the safety car is standby at the end of the pit lane. As soon as an accident happens the safety car CAN be deployed (this will be decided at the moment itself) and will pick up the leader. As soon as "Safety car deployed, NO overtaking" is displayed on your screen you may not overtake people unless they are part of the accident or when they drive into the pit lane. The leader of the field catches up on the safety car and one or more laps will be driven in formation. It is allowed to make a pit stop during safety car periods.
In case the safety car was unable to catch up the leader or lapped cars are in between cars which are one or more laps ahead, the "Lapped cars may now overtake" message can be shown. When this message appears lapped cars (with one ore more laps down to the leader) may safely overtake the field and take position at the end of the field. These cars may catch up 1 lap and rejoin at the back of the queue. Don’t pass other cars which are in the same lap during this procedure, position changes are not permitted while under safety car conditions.

When you have been in an accident you are allowed to drive (use the inner lane of the circuit and be careful) to the pits and get your car repaired. If you can't make it to the pits you have to spectate (SHIFT+S). In oval races it is not allowed to rejoin the race.

General Rules
In the first lap of a race it is allowed to vote for a restart. This is only allowed when a LFS or Lapper bug occurs of some kind, for example a wrong grid, or when there is a big crash in the first lap. To have a restart, 70% of the racers must vote for this. After the first lap voting is forbidden and impossible.

We race for fun, so we should consciously try to drive as fair as possible. We are human so mistakes can be made, but don't swear at someone else when you are out of the race. All drivers are expected to race in a safe an considerate manner. Any driver who drives in an unsafe or overly aggressive manner my be penalized for unsportsmanlike behavior.

It's your choice with what kind of hardware you will race (keyboard, mouse, joystick or steering wheel). It is allowed to race with the external view and the cockpit view.
It's allowed to use your own setups, trade or download them from the internet.
It's not allowed to use a cheat code or some kind of hack to make your car go faster.
If we determine that you are cheating, you will be banned and removed from the league.

It is not allowed to race with a car skin that is offensive, racist, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, or you will be banned and removed from the league.

By starting in any official event a driver automatically states he is familiar with above racing rules. Memorization is not required, but a familiarity and knowledge of critical procedures is required.